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Bitget information

  • What benefits can I expect?

    We will provide a 54.5% cashback of the fee paid and the indefinite 50% fee discount at Bitget (Cashback target: Futures trading / USDT trading pair)

  • What is the fee with cashback?

    The limit price is 0.009% and the market price is 0.018%. tetherMax`s cashback service provides the same advantage as receiving a 77% fee discount. The tetherMax team provides a rebate that is approximately 37% higher than that of self-referrals in the existing market, which is similar to the premium fee of Bitget VIP 5 (the highest level).

  • Is it okay if I already have a Bitget account?

    You are okay. In the case of Bitget, KYC verification is possible for up to three accounts. Each account should use a different ID (Resident binding card, Driver's license, Passport). On average, this process takes about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. For more information, click a button with a question “Do you already have an account?” It is okay even if all 3 accounts have already been KYC verified. Please contact thet tetherMax 24/7 customer center. We will walk you through It's okay if you already have an account.