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BitMEX information

  • Unlock the Benefits

    We offer a 50% cashback on the fees you've paid, along with a perpetual 10% fee discount. (Cashback applies to futures trading / USDT trading pairs)

  • How Much Are the Fees Considering Cashback?

    For limit orders, it's 0.01%, and for market orders, it's 0.0375%. Our TetherMax cashback service delivers the equivalent of approximately a 40% fee discount. This is similar to the premium fees offered by Tier M at Bitmex.

  • What If I Already Have a Bitmex account?

    No problem at all. TetherMax found a way! Please send BitMEX's UID (Account ID) to the customer center and we will change the code as soon as possible. You can check your UID (Account ID) by going to [More] - [Account] in the Bitmex app.