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HTX information

  • What benefits can I expect?

    We will provide a 54% cashback of the fee paid at BingX (Cashback covered: Futures trading / USDT trading pair) The limit price with cashback is 0.0092% and the market price is 0.023%.

  • I already have an account at Huobi

    Don't worry. The tetherMax team got you covered. If you have already done KYC verification on the existing account with resident binding card or driver's license, please proceed KYC verification on your new accountwith your passport.It usually takes 3 minutes and 30 seconds. For more information, click a button with a question “Do you already have an account?”

  • How can I receive a cashpack?

    We will automatically provide a 30% cashback of the fee paid on your wallet at Huobi at 10PM every day. The rest 24% cashback can be searched/requested by searching the UID on the tetherMax official website. However, you can withdraw if the available cashback is 50 USDT or more. (Based on tetherMax members)